Iota CSS

Bridging the gap between designers and developers.

iota CSS is one of the simplest and most refined opensource CSS frameworks, designed to give developers and designers more freedom than ever.

Iota CSS

We’ve reinvented the way you use a
CSS framework.

We believe that every project has unique needs and should be approached in a different way. That's why we built iota CSS, a framework that adapts fully on your design and gives you all you need to develop it in a fast and clean way.

Fully responsive.

iota CSS is designed to be fully responsive. It doesn't use predefined breakpoints and lets you configure your breakpoints easily according to your needs.

So much less. And so much more too.

Tools like Bootstrap and Foundation are not easily adjustable and usually force you to design in a specific way. That’s why iota is 100% design agnostic and lets you configure everything the way you need it, using the best technologies and techniques.

  • BEM

  • SASS

  • Flexbox

  • 100% customizable

Made for


Developers that want to learn to use object-oriented CSS to their projects and look for official support and courses.


Startups that need a scalable, responsive and well maintained CSS framework to build their stylesheet product.


Agencies looking for a CSS framework to use across their projects in order to reduce their development and maintenance efforts.


Companies looking for a CSS opensouce framework with official paid support to build and maintain their own UI kit and design system.

iota CSS works perfectly with websites and web apps using Wordpress, Craft CMS, ReactJS, VueJS and AngularJS.

Your time is our priority.

We know how it is when a bug causes you to lose your time and focus from your work. We believe that open source libraries should be risk-free, so we are extremely dedicated fixing right away anything that causes you trouble.

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